Corporative social responsibility and charity

Social Partnership

PJSC ROSSETI has in place high standards of social responsibility to its employees. Social and employment relations within the operating companies of ROSSETI are governed by the Sectoral Wage Rate Agreement (SWRA) in the electric power sector.

SWRA is aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • ensure and maintain the social stability of energy companies;
  • well-balanced development of workforce initiative and competition;
  • establish the minimal sectoral level of guarantees to the employees of entities and ensure that these guarantees are extended;
  • retain and maintain qualified professionals;
  • improve production efficiency, the competitiveness of energy companies, encourage employees to high labor productivity contributing to enhancing their well-being;
  • protect interests of the parties to social partnership within energy companies in pricing (tariff setting) in the electricity industry of the Russian Federation;
  • create conditions and mechanisms contributing to the implementation of standards of the employment laws of the Russian Federation within energy companies.

Quality of Employees’ Working Conditions and Life Quality

Realizing the significance of decent working and living conditions for the employees of energy companies and their family members, PJSC ROSSETI initiates action in the following fields:

1. Disease Prevention and Health Protection

For the purposes of preserving and strengthening the physical and mental health of each employee, PJSC ROSSETI performs the following work:

  • finances measures aimed at protecting the health of employees;
  • organizes regular preventive inspections of employees;
  • implements corporate health protection and disease prevention standards within subsidiaries.

2. Fitness, Physical Culture and Sports

Contributing to developing and maintaining healthy lifestyle, PJSC ROSSETI:

  • performs health and fitness activities and develops mass sports among the employees, providing access to sports infrastructure to them, arranging exercise and competitions;
  • contributes to organizing summer leisure for the employees' children, partly reimbursing for the price of trip vouchers;
  • grants access to health resort treatment for the employees and their family members, entitling them to treatment discounts from the leading national centers.

3. ResidentialPolicy

Given the significance of the employee housing issue, PJSC ROSSETI and its operating subsidiaries developed the Regulations for Contributing to the Improvement of Housing Conditions for Employees.

The primary goals of the above-mentioned regulations are to:

  • create and ensure accessible and transparent mechanisms of corporate support for employees in the improvement of housing conditions;
  • ensure social protection of employees fulfilling their job responsibilities in good faith;
  • retain and maintain qualified personnel within energy companies;
  • - motivating personnel to efficient labor.

4. Corporate Pension Benefits and Insurance

Performing its obligations for participation in government pension insurance systems, mandatory health insurance, mandatory insurance against industrial accidents, PJSC ROSSETI supports and develops supplementary corporate voluntary health insurance, voluntary insurance against accidents and diseases and non-government pension benefits.

4.1. VoluntaryHealth Insurance

Corporate voluntary health insurance is aimed at using voluntary health insurance mechanisms for raising the level of social protection and organizing high-quality medical assistance to the Company's employees.

Voluntary health insurance is based on the following principles:

  • financing of the voluntary health insurance program;
  • ensuring ongoing extradepartmental control of healthcare quality with a view to protecting the interests and rights of the employees within a healthcare facility.

4.2. Non-governmental Pension Benefits

Non-governmental pension benefits of PJSC ROSSETI and its subsidiaries are targeted toward:

  • creating favorable conditions for the financing of pension savings by the employees;
  • contributing to the economic stability of the Company's employees as soon as they reach pension qualifications;

The fundamental principles of non-governmental pension benefits are as follows:

  • join participation of the employee and the employer in the employee's non-governmental pension plan financing;
  • interconnection among the conditions for joint (share) participation of the employee and the employer in financing the employee's non-governmental pension;
  • dependence of an amount of the non-governmental pension on the value of the employee's pension savings.

4.3. Voluntary Insurance Against Accidents and Diseases

The goal of voluntary insurance against accidents and diseases of the employees of ROSSETI is the use of mechanisms of insurance against accidents and diseases to raise the level of social protection for employees.